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12/16/11 Save battle cruiser Olympia for Beaufort
11/28/11 Preservation Row: Olympia suitors are narrowed to four
10/15/11 Brady proposes Olympia commemorative coin
9/22/11 Lowcountry group submits plans to move old warship
9/21/11 Local group moves forward with plans to relocate ailing battleship
9/12/11 Six Groups Say They Want Ownership of Philadelphia’s USS Olympia
9/10/11 Six groups, 2 of them local, want to take over Dewey’s ship Olympia
9/1/11 Potential USS Olympia Buyers Must Submit Proposals Today
7/28/11 Museum puts giant metal band-aid on Olympia
7/27/11 Historic USS Olympia patched at Penn’s Landing
7/27/11 Philly historic warship gets damaged hull patched
5/10/11 Keep digging for details on USS Olympia concept
5/5/11 Group wants to make Parris Island home of the USS OLYMPIA
4/23/11 Historic USS Olympia Will Spend At Least One More Summer Docked At Penn’s Landing
4/21/11 With a need of $20 million, group hopes to bring 1890s USS Olympia to Beaufort
4/21/11 Beaufort group may seek to land cruiser Olympia
4/13/11 Candidates Step Up to Care For Olympia
3/31/11 Setting Sale: USS Olympia now on the market
3/31/11 Summit Seeks New Home for USS Olympia
3/7/11 New Owner Sought for Historic Warship
3/1/11 The Future of the Olympia

Independence Seaport Museum has launched an effort to identify new stewards for the Cruiser Olympia. Together with our partners, the National Park Service, the United States Navy, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, and the Council of American Maritime Museums the Museum is convening experts in various fields such as historic preservation, urban planning, maritime history, fundraising and economic development for a two-day summit to find the best possible outcome for the endangered historic resource.

From the moment of her launching in 1892, Olympia was a rare treasure in the U.S. naval fleet, as no sister ships were ever built. She is the world’s oldest floating steel warship and the sole surviving naval ship of the Spanish-American War. Olympia served as Admiral Dewey’s flagship at the Battle of Manila Bay, which marked the U.S.’s emergence as a world naval power. Olympia’s last official naval mission was to carry the body of the Unknown Soldier from France to the United States in 1921. In addition to being a National Historic Landmark, Olympia is also a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark, on the National Register of Historic Places, and part of the Save America’s Treasures program.

For the last two years, the Museum has worked to secure funding for the preservation of Olympia, approaching the City of Philadelphia, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Department of the U.S. Navy, the Federal government, and private funders – with no success. The Museum also conducted a feasibility study, which determined that it would be unable to raise the substantial funds needed for Olympia’s preservation at this time.

This website is a resource of information for organizations interested in taking over stewardship of the Olympia, and anyone interested in her current condition. There are a number of requirements to be considered as a viable transfer candidate. Potential transfer applicants should refer to the guidelines on the Transfer Application page before submitting an application. The Olympia Collection of artifacts will be available for transfer under a separate agreement. Please check back frequently as this website will be updated when new information is available.

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