Museum Launches Search for New Owner

Independence Seaport Museum announces that it cannot afford the restoration that is needed on the Olympia and that a new owner is sought.Survey update and interim repair review for future work recommendations. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) performs character defining features assessment conducted by James Dolph. This survey identifies ship fabric that is unique to Olympia that is recommended for preservation should the ship have to be destroyed.


NAVSEA Assessment

Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), tow plan limitations assessment. This assessment was made to understand what will be needed to tow, a ship as fragile as Olympia, safely to dry dock.


Hull Condition Survey

Comprehensive Hull Condition Survey, Charles C. Deroko Inc. This survey was conducted to better understand the condition of the ship’s hull. Review of the Comprehensive Hull Condition Survey, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). This survey was to review and confirm the earlier Deroko Inc. findings.


Pilot House Reconstruction Project

Reconstruction of the historic Pilothouse and pilothouse deck.


Security System Updated

Security alarm system updated and new electrical feeder cables to the ship were installed.


Restoration Work

Numerous restoration projects are undertaken.  30 tons of asbestos insulation is removed to allow for the safety of museum staff and visitors. Four gun casemates and fittings are restored their functionality and watertight integrity.  Stabilization and refitting of comprised bulkheads and watertight doors to bring the vessel to a one compartment standard. This work was vital in preparing the vessel to be safely floated to dry dock.Approximately 900 square feet of engine and boiler room steel floor plates were replaced. Missing sections of engine room railings and catwalks were replaced to improve safety for public access.


Historic Structures Report

Draft of Olympia Historic Structures Report, Don Birkholz, Jr., Tri-Coastal Marine, New York, NY. This detailed reports and make recommendations for the period of restoration and preservation of surviving aspects in the operational history of the ship. This is the primary guide in which all restoration projects are informed.


Olympia Artifacts Exhibit Opens

Following recommendations made by the 1996 survey, artifact collections are removed from the ship to the museum building where they were inventoried, stabilized and re-housed. Opening of new museum exhibit: Olympia: Launching the American Century.


Historical Documentation

The Seaport Museum’s curators create a reference collection of historical Olympia construction and refit drawings as a resource for restoration projects.


Historic American Buildings Survey

Historic American Engineering Record (HABS, HAER). This survey sought to record and document the ship’s engineering plant.


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